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Team Leader – Penalty Charge Notice Representations


Purpose of Job
• To ensure all aspects of the services provided are developed, maintained
and improved to benefit the traveling public in line with all associated
legislation and local policies.
• To assist in fulfilling the Council’s statutory obligations in relation to parking
and moving traffic as set out in Traffic Management Act 2004, Road Traffic
Regulation Act and associated legislation.
• Through the team, management information, and liaison with other teams
delivering parking and moving traffic services across Southampton City
Council, to be responsive to customer and Council demands and operate
within established governance processes building public and Cllr
• Maintain contemporary knowledge of best practice and seek to continually
adapt and improve the service in that context.
• Lead and assist as appropriate in the development of services and policy
relating to PCN related matters
Key Accountabilities & Duties
1. By working with, and providing expert leadership to, the relevant teams
across Southampton City Council, ensure statutory and best practice
outcomes are achieved in relation to all aspects of administration in relation
to Penalty Charge Notices (PCN’s) including notice processing, debt
registration and Traffic Penalty Tribunal cases.
2. By working with, and providing expert leadership to, the relevant teams
across Southampton City Council ensure statutory and best practice
outcomes are achieved in relation to all aspects of administration in relation
to parking permits and season tickets.
3. To manage, monitor and develop Service Level Agreements between the
PCN Representation team and other teams within the Council.
4. To develop systems, services and policies of the PCN Representation
5. To assist the relevant Service Manager in the development of systems,
services and policies of operational parking matters.

6. To act as the Council’s lead officer for all parking and moving traffic
administration matters including with outside agencies such as DVLA,
Traffic Penalty Tribunal Service and Traffic Enforcement Centre.
7. To represent the Authority in potentially complex formal and informal legal
challenges including general complaints, formal complaints, ombudsman
complaints, solicitors enquiries and formal legal proceedings.
8. To respond to customer demands and operate within established
governance processes building public and Cllr confidence and regularly
reporting on progress.
9. To prepare complex reports for internal and external agencies including
legal challenges and high value matters.
10.Lead in response to all escalated customer complaints, FOI’s and other
complex enquiries relating to all aspects of the PCN Representation
11.Act as the Subject Matter Expert in preparing, procuring and administering
the Council’s contracts for all activities relating to PCN Representation
12.Prioritise competing requests for action based on the relative impact on the
public and the Council
13.Maintain positive collaborative relationships with other in-house and
external agencies and authorities including the DVLA, Hampshire Police,
Southampton City Council’s Service Centre , Traffic, Highway Enforcement
and Legal teams, drawing on support, direction and advice and working
jointly or in partnership as appropriate.
14.Maintain an up-to-date knowledge of Parking and Moving Traffic and best
practices within them and in particular monitor and be aware of changes to
legislation and amend policy and process to suit.
15.Lead the Councils response to internal and external audits by the DVLA and
others as required and achieve a satisfactory outcome that demonstrates
16.To provide and analyse Management Information on all aspects of PCN
Representation Services by ensuring systems and practises are in place to
monitor and report on all aspects of the service including income and usage
of all parking places.
17.Role model enthusiasm and commitment to delivering excellent services
which have considered the diverse needs of customers.

Core Responsibilities and Deliverables
Financial Management
1. To deliver PCN Representation services within budget.
2. To comply with the Council’s financial policies and requirements.
3. To identify and propose opportunities for innovation, commercialisation, cost
savings, cost recovery or income generation.
Customer Relationships
1. To deliver PCN Representation services in accordance with agreed service
2. To monitor and act upon customer feedback to improve customer experiences
and to meet or exceed customer satisfaction.
3. The dissemination of information, and promoting effective liaison with other
related agencies.


Operational Effectiveness and Compliance
1. To operate in accordance with HR policies and practice.
2. To undertake continuous improvement activity to improve the effectiveness of
3. To comply with all Council policies in relation to Health and Safety and Information
4. To escalate risks and issues which may impact any aspect of performance or the
Council’s reputation.
5. Deliver an effective PCN Representation Service and taking responsibility for
6. The effective management of personal workload.
7. Ensure that records are maintained and reports are completed to a high standard
and within the specified timeframe
8. Commit to the protection and safeguarding of adults with care and support needs,
and value and respect their views and needs.
Organisational Capability
1. To participate in team and Council wide activities to improve involvement and
2. To participate in and to use the appraisal and performance contract process to
develop personal contribution and develop capability.
3. To take responsibility for personal development including any continuous
Professional Development.
4. To work with others in the team to develop change readiness.
5. Participate in and work in partnership with a range of multi-agency services

Person Specification
Criteria Essential Desirable

Experience and Skills

WAMITAB Level 3 Award in Notice
Processing (or willingness to complete
within 12 months of appointment)
Relevant degree (or equivalent experience)
Management Information qualification (or
equivalent experience)
Relevant professional qualification (or
equivalent experience) with clearly
evidenced continuing professional
Extensive, well-developed and
authoritative knowledge of the work
practices, processes and procedures
(including legal and regulatory

requirements and the risks of non-
compliance) relevant to the service,

including broader commercial awareness.

End to end project


Experience of analysing data and
interpreting information to produce reports
that will inform service design.
Presentation of own and teams work in a
focused and engaging way
Complaint handling skills with the ability to
respond to escalated customer issues
Contribute to the strategic direction of the
service by helping influence and develop
strategic business plans, policy and
procedure using information and data
Must be able to remain calm and articulate
complex legal processes in a fair and
consistent manner in the context of the
relevant legal framework.
Develop effective and lasting solutions to
problems which align with the councils
vision and values, where there are a range
of options and the information may be
unclear or conflicting.
Make evidence based and outcome
focussed decisions using proactive risk
management and where set procedures
provide only general guidance, without
necessarily referring complex decisions to
a manager
Plan and organise own workload in an
environment of frequently conflicting
priorities, changing demands and strict

Core Behaviours
• Takes personal accountability and holds others to account
• Takes responsibility for own development.
• Listens to and respects the opinions of others.
• Asks for, reflects upon and acts on feedback.
• Works collaboratively with others to deliver the best outcomes.
• Actively seeks opportunities for improvement in organisational processes and
• Builds understanding and commitment to transformational change.
• Sets standards for customer service.
• Builds relationships of trust and alliances with customers groups.
Additional Requirements

1. The duties and responsibilities highlighted in this job description may vary over
time. Postholders are expected to undertake other duties and responsibilities
relevant to the nature, scope and grading of the post.
2. The post holder must have the ability to understand the needs of a multi-racial
society and be prepared to implement the Council’s Equality Policy at a level
appropriate to the job and must at all times carry out his/her responsibilities
with due regard to the Council’s Equal Equality Policy.
3. The post holder is required to be familiar with the Directorate’s Health and
Safety Policy and be aware of and observe any part of the policy related
specifically to the duties and responsibilities of the post.
Standby Payment Yes ☐ No☒
Fire Marshall Yes ☐ No☒
First Aider Yes ☐ No☒
Politically Restricted Yes ☐ No☒
Tool Allowance Yes ☐ No☒
Emergency Planning Rota Yes ☐ No☒
Contractual Car User (see
intranet for more

Yes ☐ No☒

DBS (see intranet for
more information)

Standard ☒ Enhanced ☐ N/A ☐

Basic Disclosure (see
intranet for more

Yes ☐ No☒

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